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    We increase your sales and lower your expenses
    Performance Based Marketing
    You don't have to throw away money on unproven marketing techniques.
    Our marketing works. We are so sure of it, we only charge you when
    we deliver business to you.
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    We stay ahead of the trends and use advanced
    analytics in all of our services. When you hire us,
    you can rest assured that you will dominate your

Connect with buyers

Every business has a target market and every industry has consumers actively seeking them out. We run efficient marketing campaigns by showcasing your business to the proper demographics and to consumers looking for you.

Results based marketing

You can call it "results based marketing" or "performance based marketing" but the premise is the same: You only pay when we deliver business to your business. No more wasted money, no more hoping and no more broken promises.

We know your business

We have been in the marketing business for over ten years and we have worked with just about every industry. If you listen to your clients and work hand-in-hand with them, putting them in front of their target market becomes a lot easier to accomplish.

Track your results

We have advanced analytics built into every aspect of our marketing. This allows us to continually optimize your marketing campaigns, and it allows you to view your results in real time. There will be no more guessing on effectiveness.

See how we deliver you customers
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We're marketing experts
We have the right team, with a ton of accumulated experience. When the big companies need something done, there is a reason they call on us.
We bring you business
All of our services and main priority is centered around bringing you new business. We'll put you in front of prospects looking for your products and/or services, and you will dominate your competition.
You only pay for results
We only get paid for our results, and this is a great thing for both parties. There is no risk to you. Either we deliver or you retain your hard earned money.

Evaluation & market research

One of the most important aspects is understanding your business and your target market. We do a thorough interview process, our own independent research and a competitive business analysis. This evaluation process will allow us to successfully implement all of our marketing initiatives. Even after implementation, we continually analyze all campaigns, to keep you ahead of the competition and on top.

Marketing implementation

After we uncover your ideal demographics, we use modern marketing techniques to put your business in front of these prospects. The first step in this phase is to build your funnels - an SEO website (even if you already have one) and a forwarded tracking telephone number. Once your funnels are in place, we use search engines, email marketing, social media, coupon marketing, telemarketing, mailers and SMS marketing to fill your funnels.

Customer acquisition

When you put a business in front of the proper prospects, half of the battle is over. With that said, your content, offers and call-to-action needs to be high converting. We want the prospects to come to your location, call you, contact you via your website or make an instant online purchase. We are experts at putting your business in front of the right people and getting those prospects to convert to customers.

Tracking & analytics

There is nothing worse than investing money and having no way to track your ROI. Since we're a performance based marketing company, we track every detail of your campaign. You will know exactly what kind of business we are generating for you, and we will know it as well. From the custom phone number, to every online lead, and even people who come in to your store -- we can show you exactly how it was all generated.

As a small business owner I have spent countless dollars on mass marketing. It was all about playing a numbers game. I was betting on the more eyes on my message the more sales made. That approach yielded some results but at a high cost. After I signed up with Ineedprofit the results of their marketing strategy blew me away. - Shamir Martin   customer
There was a time when we thought being on the internet was a waste of time and resources. If it wasn't for a family friend vouching for your company, and the opportunities it presented for us, we would continue to be offline. Wow. I do not even want to think about what could have been.       - Jaxon Brewer   customer
We did two of the jobs already the other bids out Wednesday, we'll see if we are awarded that one. Thanks for everything you are doing - Sandy Carrillo   customer