• We increase your sales and lower your expenses
    Performance Based Marketing
    You don't have to throw away money on unproven marketing techniques.
    Our marketing works. We are so sure of it, we only charge you when
    we deliver business to you.
  • We stay ahead of the trends and use advanced
    analytics in all of our services. When you hire us,
    you can rest assured that you will dominate your

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each customer cost?
The price per customer delivered varies upon each business. There is a big difference between delivering an automotive buyer versus delivering a patron to a restaurant. After we evaluate your business and market, we will present you with a proposal. After looking over this proposal and the cost of each customer we deliver you, you can decide if you would like to move forward.
Are there any upfront fees?
No. There are no fees and all of our services are provided to you free of charge. We only bill you on the agreed upon customer acquisition rate set forth in your proposal. With that said, we do require a fully refundable retainer. We want to make sure you are serious about doing business, and that there is money available to pay us for each customer we deliver to you. The initial retainer starts at $750, but varies dependent upon the business and market.
Do I have to make a long-term commitment?
No. We do not require a long-term commitment. Once your retainer is depleted, your commitment to us is over.
What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards and checks. You can pay online via PayPal, through the phone or send a check in the mail.
Can I just pay for your services?
Yes. We offer the ability to utilize any of our services without using the performance based marketing model.
What if I already have a website?
We build you a high converting, SEO website, which is the primary funnel for all other marketing services. This website is mandatory with our performance based marketing model, and there is nothing wrong with having two websites for the same business. The only issue is when you have duplicate content across both websites, but we will make sure that this does not happen.
How long before I receive my first customer?
Our average time from retainer payment made, to the first customer received, is usually 15 days.
How do you get me customers?
We study your business and find out who your market is. After obtaining this information, we build you a high converting, SEO website, and buy you a custom tracking telephone number. After that, we use search engines, social media, email marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing, coupon marketing and mailers to drive business to your website, custom telephone number and place of business.
Does this work for any business?

Yes. It doesn't matter what you're selling, we can provide customers to any business.