Here is an email (names changed) we wrote to a business that asked us to look over their site:

We started to dig into your website, so we could offer you some more detailed information. Lets start with optimizing your pages:

You need to be targeting two keywords with each page. Each page should have different keywords and meta data, as you don’t want to cannibalize your pages – You want them all to give you the most search traffic possible.

Right now, your main page is targeting one keyword string: “Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry” Setup your title like this: | Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry | Insert one more string

Here is a link to help you find easier keywords and strings:
Once again, each page title should start with: | Unique and relevant keyword string | Unique and relevant keyword string

Every sub page should contain the keyword string in the url. Example:

Make sure to also target the keywords and/or strings in the meta description and meta keywords. You want to make sure the keywords are also in at least an H1 tag, and as many more headings as possible. Get the keywords in the first hundred words as many times as possible. Bold the keywords. Make all of your alt image data turn into the keywords strings.

Next, you need to get backlinks that validate your keyword strings. Submit your site to directories, post on dofollow message boards, trade links. However, in the title sections, make sure it’s targeting your keyword string and not the company name. You want the anchor text to match your keywords.

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