• We increase your sales and lower your expenses
    Performance Based Marketing
    You don't have to throw away money on unproven marketing techniques.
    Our marketing works. We are so sure of it, we only charge you when
    we deliver business to you.
  • We stay ahead of the trends and use advanced
    analytics in all of our services. When you hire us,
    you can rest assured that you will dominate your

Who We Are

IneedProfit was founded in 2003 by Chad Jeffers. The concept, at that time, was to sell targeted mailing lists. The mailing list business was home based in the San Antonio, Texas area, and operated by mail and word of mouth. Chad was still holding down full-time employment and running his business as a part-time operation.

After owning a previous business, and working in many different capacities for companies such as Dell, Group 1 and Auto Nation, Chad met many talented individuals. It was these individuals and Chad's burning desire to return to self employment that led to the full blown operation of IneedProfit.

IneedProfit relocated to Austin in 2007, and IneedProfit.com was built on June 19, 2008. During this time, IneedProfit has become one of the industry leaders in marketing and customer acquisition.

Our Top Skills

Customer Acquisition 99%
Search Engine Optimization 99%
Telemarketing 98%
Email Marketing 94%

Why You Should Choose us

We're marketing experts
We have the right team, with a ton of accumulated experience. When the big companies need something done, there is a reason they call on us.
We bring you business
All of our services and main priority is centered around bringing you new business. We'll put you in front of prospects looking for your products/services, and you will dominate your competition.
You only pay for results
We only get paid for our results, and this is a great thing for both parties. There is no risk to you. Either we deliver or you retain your hard earned money.

Our History

  •  2014
    IneedProfit transitioned to a pay for performance based business model
  •  2008
    IneedProfit.com was launched and a new office was leased
  •  2007
    IneedProfit moved to Austin -- offering a full suite of marketing services
  •  2003
    IneedProfit was founded as a mailing list company